Worlds of music: LSE Wind Ensemble hits the road


Avae' Muir, Staff Writer

A soft breeze rustled the trees at Worlds of Fun and the screams of people on roller coasters filled the air. People of all ages dressed in tank tops and shorts walked around in large groups admiring all the attractions or waited in long lines to go on their favorite roller coasters. Among these people is the LSE Wind Ensemble who traveled to Worlds of Fun on May 12th, 2018. Wind Ensemble is a select band at LSE that students have to audition to be in. Last year, the band competed at Worlds of Fun, but this year the band played at Kearney High School before traveling to Worlds of Fun where the members got to spend the rest of the day visiting the attractions.

Wind Ensemble member Libby Shonka Smith (12) explains why she likes going on band trips so much. “I do band because I feel like I’m part of the band family and I enjoy spending time with my band friends. Going on the band trips just make it that much more fun because it’s being a part of something.”

Shonka Smith also explains why she feels like the band trips are so important. “It gives us an extra opportunity to do something different with our skills and receive another critique from a new judge that gives us a new perspective and makes us better as a whole.”

The majority of the members in Wind Ensemble are seniors because it is a hard band to get into and seniors have more years of playing experience. However, there are many talented underclassman as well.

Shonka Smith hopes the underclassman will realize how important these trips “I’m very sad this is my last time going on the Kansas City trip, but I know I’m off to bigger and better things and my younger friends will still have fun.”

This trip is very popular for Wind Ensemble and the group works the whole semester to prepare for it. Music for the trip in May is chosen way back in January and worked on throughout the semester to make every part of the song perfect.

All the members of the group work really hard everyday to make the songs great. Being able to go to Worlds of Fun is definitely a highlight for everyone and a special occasion because only Wind Ensemble members get to participate in the trip. So, look for your Wind Ensemble members around LSE and congratulate them on their accomplishments in Kansas City!