Humans of LSE: Kathleen Drummond

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Humans of LSE: Kathleen Drummond

Lily Hefner, Social Media Coordinator

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Some Southeast students may have traveled as far as Omaha or Kansas City this summer, but not many made the long journey overseas to Europe for two weeks. Freshman Kathleen Drummond’s 2019 summer started out as any normal teenager’s would – hanging out with friends, going swimming and drawing. However, her last weeks of freedom before starting high school were different than any other student. What started out as an anniversary celebration trip for Drummond’s grandparents transformed into a full-blown vacation through France, the Netherlands, England and Iceland. 

“I got to draw in front of the Eiffel Tower, which had been on my bucket list,” Drummond said. “It felt like I was in a dream.” 

While much of it reminded her of the United States, including the architecture, Drummond was amazed by how quaint and cozy the towns in Iceland seemed to be. 

“Everything felt old, but not dated old. The architecture of every building was a piece of art and you don’t get a lot of that in Nebraska,” Drummond said.

 Art has been a big part of Drummond’s life for awhile now, and besides drawing the Eiffel Tower, her experiences across the pond even furthered her love. In her younger years, Drummond would watch as her mom drew and she knew that she too wanted to do that. Drummond spends her free time drawing and painting in her own bubble.

“It definitely feels like I accomplished something,” Drummond said. “But I’ll go back in a couple days because [my work] doesn’t always feel complete.” 

As soon as she could, she submerged herself into art and has never looked back. To say the least, Drummond can’t wait to go back and take another shot at capturing the beauty she experienced this summer in Europe.

(Self portrait by Kathleen Drummond)