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Amiah Robinson, Staff Writer May 26, 2022

Stepping into the prayer camp at Wilderness Park, the biting sky seemed to lighten. The first glimpse of the teepees were seen just over a small grassy hill as the soft ground deflated with every step...

Graphic Credit: Zainib Al-Jayashi

Gotta Go

Maren Steinke, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 26, 2022

Between the teen vaping epidemic sweeping the nation, vandalism incited by social media (we all remember Devious Licks), and general boredom stemming from not-so-fun classes, school staff aren’t totally...

Surviving the System

Surviving the System

Araya Schroder, Photography Editor May 25, 2022

In 1969, when Linda Ross was 12-years-old, she and her eight siblings were removed from their home and placed in Foster Care. This was after her mother passed away from cancer, and her father, who was...

Mother: How the meaning of Mother has matured and adapted throughout the decades

Mother: How the meaning of “Mother” has matured and adapted throughout the decades

Evan Merrell, Broadcast Editor May 24, 2022

Lincoln Southeast High School (LSE) junior Daniel Massiani Bailey sits on a worn, gray couch with his mother, Toña Maria Bailey Castillo. Surrounding them are plants of all varieties which, according...

Photo Credit: Nicole Tinius

Leaving on a good note

Maren Steinke and Ksenia Gevorkova May 24, 2022

Q: What is your name? A: Missy Noonan Q: How long have you been teaching at Southeast?  A: I student-taught at Southeast in 1988 and started teaching here in 1990. Q: Did you enjoy teaching at Southeast,...

those attending the wilderness program are given time to journal

Sent Away: Pulling back the curtain on the “Troubled Teen” Industry

Chloe Fitzgibbon, Co-Editor-In-Chief May 23, 2022

At 6 a.m. on May 14, 2020, Anne (12) was sleeping soundly when two strangers entered her room, turned on the lights and said, “We’re taking you to Utah.”  Without knowing it, she was being “gooned.”...

The Beach Body Mindset

The Beach Body Mindset

Georgia Wood, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 23, 2022

If you look up “how to get a beach body” on Google, you’ll find countless articles, blogs and videos that offer quick fixes and tips for losing weight in a short period of time. These articles suggest...

Is the high school experience worth the money ?

Is the high school experience worth the money ?

Angel Paz, Staff Writer May 22, 2022

Having the “full high school experience” is expensive, and most American teens cannot afford to do it all. Within the public school system are hidden costs that can quickly add up, forcing many families...

Money Talks

Money Talks

Carmin Sims, Copy Editor May 21, 2022

Mental health is a factor in almost everyone’s lives. Whether it’s someone struggling with their own issues, or someone else who is a part of their life. These health problems don’t have quick fixes,...

Thats not my name: How the whitewashing of ethnic names is a silent approval of white superiority

That’s not my name: How the whitewashing of ethnic names is a silent approval of white superiority

Zainib Al-Jayashi, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 21, 2022

The final bell has rung and summer break has just begun. The only thing I can comprehend is the brightness of the sun and the ropes of my stress unraveling as I learn to breathe again in the warm air....

The American obsession with lawns

The American obsession with lawns

Nicole Tinius, Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2022

People’s modern day obsession with lawns has made its way to the dance floor.  From the sprinkler move to California’s turf dancing, it’s proving that lawns are one of the many things people just...

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