LSE hosts annual 8th grade night


Debate Coach Sam Segrist and captain Izayiah Kulawek pose in front of their booth along with members Deanna Lyons (10), Taylor Rinne (10) and Eliza Moss (9).

Jen Quach, Editor in Chief

On Monday, Jan. 14, LSE opened its doors to many new faces for its annual 8th grade night. That evening, parents and aspiring Knights had the opportunity to explore the halls of Southeast as well as select a few clubs or activities they consider joining.

However, knowing the typical middle school student, having to go back to school may not be for everybody. So how does Southeast intend to captivate its unmotivated audiences in the crowd?

To begin, LSE starts off with a heart-warming pep rally with the intent to show aspiring Knights what life at Southeast is really like. It included performances from the LSE Basketball Band and Jazz Band as well as LSE Cheer.

During the opening remarks, Principal Toalson discussed how the main goal of Southeast was to provide a comfortable environment where all sorts of people can go here and express themselves without worry.

“I want parents and students to know that there’s a place for every student here,” Toalson said. “We can find a place for them to fit in and develop their skills and to really just have a great experience.”

“Debate’s just like a family overall. We love getting new people,” Public Forum Debate Captain Izayiah said. “You really get to know the different people in it, and it’s good because a lot of people that join debate are super shy, and they really come out of their shells when they do debate.”

From the various clubs to the school overall, Southeast has always welcomed new students with pleasure and joy. Not only that, but Southeast has built up a very outstanding reputation that has reached many students across Nebraska.

One of the aspiring Knights, Emma Codr, said that, “I chose Southeast because it has a very good music program. I am also looking forward to doing art at LSE.”

Southeast has always been and will continue to be a place where students can grow to their greatest potential without having to worry about being who they want to be. So to all the new students interested in attending Southeast, don’t worry. It’ll be worth it.

LSE commons packed with people looking for clubs and activities to join.