Folden to become associate principal next year

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Folden to become associate principal next year

Maggie Stoltenberg, Staff Writer

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Next year, Southeast will have a new associate principal – Crystal Folden. You might recognize this name, as she currently is a coordinator at LSE. Folden, who can often be seen purposefully striding through the halls, walkie-talkie in-hand or interacting with students, has taught at LSE for 16 years and has learned a lot about leadership.

“My goal really was about seeing the broader picture of schools and how we can impact change at different levels. So I got my leadership degree, then went on to become a coordinator, so it was [a] natural progression,” Folden said.

Brent Ailes, one of Southeast’s three associate principals, will be leaving after this school year to work as principal for Lincoln Christian High School next year, so Folden stepped up to the plate.

Although a new job means new challenges, Folden felt that this opportunity was meant to be.

“This year has been a real hard year, with my daughter getting sick and my dad passing away,” Folden said. “I needed my Southeast community more than ever. I need people who can lift me up when I am struggling. I may have more things because I work more days a year, but I think any of our coordinators are prepared and are doing the job of an associate principal.”

Even though this school year is about to end, Folden already has idea of what school will be like next year.

“I’ll still work on school improvement, [and] some of the things I’m doing in my job right now will transfer to my new position. I’ll work with [the] attendance people, but I also get to have some new jobs, like working with our campus security,” Folden said.

Folden also believes her past experiences have helped her prepare for the position of associate principal.

“There [aren’t] a lot of differences between associate principals and coordinators. I’ll still continue to work with Knight House, Knightly Success, in-school suspension and Student Council,” Folden said.

After working at Southeast for many years, Folden has developed a vast perspective on how well the administration functions as a team.

“We communicate really well, we work together and collaborate. We also laugh and have fun,” Folden said.

Folden also added how her journey to become associate principal came to an end at the right time.

“I am excited by the fact that my own life experiences have led me to appreciate the change that we have experienced at Southeast,” Folden said.