Humans of LSE: Stasia Garrison


Kylie Thiessen

Freshman Stasia Garrison taking a group selfie with her brother and her friend, Kylie Thiessen (9), while spending time with them over the summer.

Caitlynn Cook, Copy Editor

It is often said that learning the ropes of high school can be somewhat intimidating. However, freshman Stasia Garrison is changing that narrative.

“[My first week of high school] was good. I got lost a couple times, but I made some new friends. I’m adjusting [well to the new environment of Lincoln Southeast]. Everybody’s pretty nice; people help me with my classes,” Garrison said.

Garrison plans to get involved here at LSE. “I’m on the Cheer team. I like [Cheer] a lot. My sister was a cheerleader,” Garrison said. “I’m going to try out for tennis in the spring. [Also], I [signed up for] Future Health Professionals (HOSA).”

This summer, Garrison enjoyed spending time with family and friends. She spent lots of time at cheer camp and volleyball camp.

Garrison’s mom has been a big influence on her life. “My mom taught me that I need to be strong and not emotional; that I need to stick up for myself.”

She would like to be remembered as “goofy, kind and energetic, and as someone [people] can always come to.” 

A funny story that people like to tell about Garrison is when she tripped over a gate in her house one time, and fell down the stairs. However, this is just one of her most memorable moments in life. 

One of the earliest memories that Garrison has of herself is from kindergarten. “I had chicks, [and] I remember that I brought them into Mrs. Bowen’s class. They went to the bathroom all over the carpet and I had to clean it up,” Garrison said.

Throughout life, Garrison has learned some important lessons that she plans to keep in mind for her high school journey.

“Get to know people before you just assume things. Be kind to everybody. There’s some people that I chose to be friends with [who] weren’t the best option. [So] be careful who you tell things to because you never know who’s gonna find out after that,” Garrison said.