LSE Knights fall to the Pius after tough match


Knights doing a quick practice round before the game.

Callie Cook

On Tuesday, Sept. 17, the LSE varsity volleyball team played very well against the Pius X Thunderbolts, but ended up in a loss. While the game was tough, it was also well-played. The Thunderbolts ended up winning the game, 3-1 sets. 

Throughout the volleyball match, the Thunderbolts did not look too ready, letting easy, hittable balls fall to the ground, resulting in a chance of losing. 

“There were a few times we just made a lot of mental errors, letting balls fall when they shouldn’t have, and not being in coverage when we should have,” Pius X head volleyball coach Katie Wenz, said to Geoff Exstrom, a sports contributor for the Lincoln Journal Star.

In the first two sets of the game, there were many strong plays. The beginning score of the second set was 7-2, but with the Knights continuing to pull through all the way, they won it, 25-21. The Knights pulled the dub out of that set, being unsure of what will happen during the next two.

The Thunderbolts had a strong third set. They pulled a win, 25-23. With the wandering minds of both teams about who will win or lose the next and final set of the game, each team had to be very focused for what was about to happen. Pius X won the last set, 25-22, winning the game 3-1 sets.

Looking forward, there are some areas of improvement that the Knights need to focus on. “We just need to work on serving and passing more. That is where the main errors were in the game,” LSE senior and outside hitter Delaney Whitaker, said. 

The upsetting loss of the volleyball game left the Knights with courage to put in more effort, striving to get better at a sport they love the most, volleyball.