Opinion: Season 24 of ‘The Bachelor’ is drenched in drama


ABC/Maarten de Boer

Peter Weber is the new bachelor in Season 24 of the show.

Callie Cook, Staff Writer

The most popular reality dating TV show, “The Bachelor,” is back with a new, drama-filled season, shocking its viewers with many unexpected outcomes. Let me start off by saying that so far, this season has plot-twists and drama like no other.

You may recognize this season’s bachelor, Peter Weber, also known as “Pilot Pete,” from last season of “The Bachelorette.” Hannah Brown, last season’s bachelorette, made a surprise appearance on “The Bachelor” at the beginning of this season.

Feb. 3 and Feb. 5’s episodes of the show are packed with drama. Tammy Ly, a former candidate, was very spiteful, and caused many feuds with the other candidates, mainly Kelsey Weier and Mykenna Dorn.

In Feb. 3’s episode, Weier was very emotional — but what girls aren’t? Ly started drama when she claimed that Weier had a problem with drinking and popping pills.

Then, in Feb. 5’s episode, Dorn was the victim of an all-out attack from Ly in Chile. Dorn was upset because she never got the time she needed to talk with Weber, and she never got a one-on-one date. Ly claimed that Dorn was only on the show to, “Create hashtags for her brand.” They had a loud shouting match, which was heard by Weber. So, Weber confronted both candidates about it, individually.

Dorn assured Weber that she was on the show for the right reasons. He decided that enough was enough, and sent Ly home that evening. Because Dorn was not sent home at the time, viewers were left thinking that Weber was going to keep her on the show, and give her a rose that night at the Rose Ceremony. However, Weber left viewers shocked, some upset, when Dorn did not receive a rose that night at the Rose Ceremony. 

Everything was handled very badly, and Dorn deserves better. I don’t believe that Dorn will be a “Bachelorette“ consideration, but I do feel that she is a “Bachelors in Paradise” lock at this point.

Nick Schwartz, an editor and columnist at For The Win with USA Today, listed the candidates in the “Bachelor Power Rankings,” as follows:

  1. Madison Prewett

Madison continued her flawless run through the show in episode six, and scored a group date rose after performing in the telenovela. At the cocktail party afterward, Peter surprised Madison by revealing that he had written his own personal telenovela script for them to perform together, which inevitably led to a make-out session,” Schwartz wrote.

  1. Kelsey Weier

“Bachelor producers tricked us with Monday’s episode preview, as Kelsey’s declaration of love was only a part of the telenovela script (thankfully). She continues to thrive after her early-season drama, though, and Peter assured her that he’s feeling ‘extremely strongly’ for her,” Schwartz wrote.

  1. Kelley Flanagan

“Kelley did make some effort to deliver a solid performance as Peter’s grandmother in the telenovela date, to her credit, but was missing from the rest of the episode. It was fairly obvious during their one-on-one date in Costa Rica that this relationship is heading nowhere, but it seems like Peter is still hanging on to whatever connection they forged in their pre-show hotel meeting. He may need to endure an awkward fantasy suite night to realize that this isn’t working,” Shwartz wrote.

  1. Natasha Parker

“Natasha has somehow cruised all the way into the final six despite never receiving a one-on-one date and barely revealing anything about herself to Peter (that we’ve seen),” Schwartz wrote.

  1. Hannah Ann Sluss

“Hannah Ann and Peter shared a wonderful day together in Santiago on a one-on-one date, but none of that matters, because Peter seems to have decided that Hannah Ann — who is only 22 — isn’t ready for marriage. In a confessional during the date, Peter admitted that he was worried about her age, and he was rocked by her admission that she’s never been in love before,” Schwartz wrote.

  1. Victoria F.

“In a shocking twist, Victoria F. earned a second one-on-one date in Chile, and it went about as smoothly as her first, where her ex-boyfriend [Chase Rice] performed a concert for her new boyfriend,” Schwartz wrote.

  1. Sydney Hightower (eliminated)

“Sydney’s elimination needed to happen eventually, but it was somewhat shocking that it came just one week after their very solid one-on-one date in Costa Rica. It’s possible that Peter was aware of Sydney’s blowout fight with Tammy in the previous episode, but none of that particular drama carried over to Chile,” Schwartz wrote.

  1. Mykenna Dorn (eliminated)

“Mykenna was the victim of an all-out attack from Tammy in Chile, but shut down Tammy admirably after being called immature. Their shouting match was heard by Peter during the group date cocktail party, and he made a move to squash the beef by confronting both parties during a pre-Rose Ceremony two-on-one,” Schwartz wrote.

  1. Victoria P. (eliminated)

“Peter stunned Victoria P. with an abrupt elimination in Chile, after admitting that he wasn’t as confident about their relationship as she was,” Schwartz wrote.

  1. Tammy Ly (eliminated)

“Tammy completed her swift transition from ‘feisty competitor’ to ‘full-on WWE heel’ in Chile, and goaded Mykenna into a fight in front of the group. Why Tammy is so concerned over each cast member’s eligibility for Peter’s heart is unclear, but her gatekeeping proved to be her downfall,” Schwartz wrote.

You can tune in on this season of “The Bachelor” every Monday at 7 p.m. CT on ABC.