Levi Baker pursues passions in a pandemic


Jerrica Zuhlke

Freshman Levi Baker imagines a full house who will watch him perform in LSE’s Fall Play, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”

Jerrica Zuhlke, Copy Editor

For most freshmen, the last thing on their mind is joining extracurricular activities while they are getting used to their new school environment. They hardly know where G hall is, so how can they think about adding in another activity. Adding on to the stress of a new school, the pandemic has created new obstacles that all students have to overcome this school year. Many students have made the decision to no longer participate in extracurricular activities for fear of exposure. However, for Levi Baker (9), he decided that he wanted to immediately immerse himself in the LSE Performing Arts department. 

Coming to LSE just a few weeks ago was tough for Baker, who was excited to socialize with new students and staff. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he hasn’t been able to be his normal extroverted self. 

“With the face coverings and having to physically distance from people, it’s been really hard because I’m an extremely social person,” Baker said.

However, Baker’s time hasn’t all been frightening and confusing. The students and staff here at LSE have welcomed not only Baker, but also other freshmen, with welcoming and open arms. 

“The teachers are super friendly and super engaging, and everyone is just super friendly and nice,” Baker said, “If I needed help finding classes, there were people in the hall everywhere that I could ask and it just felt super secure.”

With a great start to his year, despite the circumstances, Baker decided to join the marching band and choir, as well as try out for the fall play, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”, which he was eventually cast in. Baker has always had a passion for the arts, and wished to continue that passion into his high school career. 

“From the minute I was born, I have always loved music, and I’ve always been a super expressive person,” Baker said. 

Baker is hoping to be able to audition for the spring musical, if LSE is gracious enough to perform one in these uncertain times. 

Despite the circumstances, Baker decided to not let them stop him, and continue to do what he enjoys, because there is nothing more important in this life than a passion.