Meet the new Student Council sponsors: Julie Krueger and Autumn Wardyn

Meg Rajala, Photo Editor

It’s no secret that this year a common theme is “change”, not just globally but within Lincoln Southeast, too. With a new principal, new coaches, and now new Student Council sponsors, life at LSE has definitely changed.

The previous sponsors of the Student Council, Michelle Stewart and Crystal Folden, decided to step down as sponsors last year. Who’s taking their positions you may ask? None other than Julie Krueger and Autumn Wardyn. 

Krueger and Wardyn, staff at Southeast, who currently teach various English classes such as Holocaust Literature, Creative Writing, English 9 & 10 and Composition, have decided to take on the role of Student Council sponsors. 

They made the decision to take on the sponsorship position together after Wardyn had worked closely with previous sponsor, Michelle Stewart, and Krueger was inspired by her oldest son, Kyle Krueger. Kyle had previously served as Student Council president and was involved in Student Council all four years of highschool. Kruger said it was “a turning point for him” and that she is “grateful for all that Stewart and Folden did.”

With taking on this position, Krueger and Wardyn have gone all in and are overflowing with ideas and goals for Student Council this year, and years to come. Although Wardyn “didn’t expect it to be so student driven” and Krueger only had a “parent’s perspective”, they have already found their roles as sponsors to be rewarding. “Seeing [Student Council] from a sponsor’s perspective is putting it in a new light,” Kruger said.

They can’t wait to see what the future of student council holds and make a difference at LSE. Their ideas include the possibility of a faculty talent show, a fundraiser during the volleyball season called Digs for Dollars, and changing the time when Student Council is offered. These are just a few of the ideas the sponsors have moving forward with hopes of including new staff, students, and sports.

In addition to adding events, Kruger and Wardyn are working towards giving back and paying it forward with those in the Southeast community, and are pushing Student Council members to use their strengths to do the same. Although it won’t be easy, Krueger and Wardyn have big plans for the Student Council going into the future and students can’t wait to see the change they are able to make in the school.