Alternatives to Halloween to keep the spirit going


Graphic by Fatima Al-Jayashi

Fatima Al-Jayashi, Design Editor

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have had to modify the way they celebrate holidays in order to be safe. With Halloween approaching, potential Halloween parties will look different this year. Although the restrictions might limit celebration, the spirit of Halloween can still be kept alive with safe alternatives. Here are five alternatives you can do during Halloween that meet the safety measures: 


1. Halloween movie marathon

There are always a number of classic movies to watch during the Halloween season. Restricting yourself to watching just classic Halloween movies isn’t the only option. There is also a wide variety of scary movies to make the spooky night even more creepy. If you are not sure of which Halloween movie to watch, the TV channel “Freeform” puts on all kinds of movies during the whole month of October. With a good selection of movies, you can still have the spirit of Halloween from the screen right in front of you. 


2. Have a virtual pumpkin carving contest with your friends

Carving pumpkins are one of the many things that define Halloween and the fall season. In order to be safe and have your friends involved, you can hold a pumpkin carving contest virtually using Zoom or Facetime. Get some of your friends who are ready to compete to determine who is the best at pumpkin carving. 


3. Make Halloween treats 

We’ve seen all different kinds of Halloween treats, from cooking channels to the internet, that we’ve wanted to try. What’s a better way of doing that than on Halloween? You can look up some recipes to try out and gather all the ingredients to make some spooky treats. At the end, you can see your great creations come alive and keep it all to treat yourself later.


4. Have a virtual costume party 

Dressing up as a character or object can be viewed as the top highlight of Halloween. It is also fun when you are able to show off your costume to your friends. In order to meet with the safety measures, having a virtual costume party will be a great option to do with your friends during Halloween. Get dressed up, set up your camera and gather your friends for a distant, yet exciting night.


5. Drop off Halloween goods to your friends 

Instead of trick or treating, giving your friends Halloween goods is a better, safer alternative. You can customize and decide what you would like to give to your friends and drop them off at their house for them to indulge in later. You can also add a little bit of scare in there for the spooky day.