Opinion: It’s never too late for “Halloween”


Callie Cook, Staff Writer

It is 2020, and new horror movies popped up all throughout October. Many people enjoy the newer Halloween horror movies, but many people like me tend to enjoy the older movies more. In my opinion, the classic movies are the best to watch.

The best Halloween movies to watch during October are the Halloween movie series. They tend to get more intense every movie they make. The newest one came out in 2019. The first movie ever made in the series was made in 1978. In the series, serial killer Michael Meyers wears a white mask and likes to stalk and kill babysitters. The movies range from an hour and a half, up to two hours. They are my favorite movies to watch during the week of Halloween because I love classic horror movies, and they make these movies very intense to watch. This is a movie series that you will be able to enjoy all year around.

There are twelve Halloween movies in total, each with a different plot, and different characters. For my ratings over all the movies, I would rate them together at a 8/10. If you love jump scares, or getting scared to the point you have to cover your eyes, these movies would be a perfect fit for you to watch. In all of the movies, Michael never seems to die, even though he has been “killed” in many circumstances. Michael loves to surprise his victims and follow them. He tends to stalk them to find out what they do during the day, and tend to kill people they know, and are associated with. 

Variety.com ranks all the Halloween movies in order from most-liked to least-liked. They listed the first Halloween movie in first place, which I agree with. The plot and setup in the first Halloween movie is very brilliant, and smartly planned out. The first Halloween movie kept me on my toes at all times throughout watching it. In last place, they listed the eleventh Halloween movie. I disagree with this. I believe that the eleventh Halloween movie should be ranked at sixth place. This movie was somewhat different than the others, but I enjoyed every second of it due to the fact that it was a little different, but very entertaining.

For my family, watching Halloween movies is a tradition. We watch them every year, specifically during October. They are the movies everyone in my family enjoys watching, and can always agree on. They are the movies we can watch all year around.