Opinion: How accurate is Spotify Wrapped?


Meg Rajala , Photo Editor

Although there has always been a debate on whether Spotify or Apple Music is better, users of both platforms waited in anticipation for their music recap of the year. But are programs such as Spotify Wrapped accurate, and should students share their music recaps to social media?

This year more students found themselves listening to new music in quarantine, but according to an instagram poll, roughly 33 percent of students felt their Spotify 2020 Wrapped was still inaccurate. Spotify showcased the top percentage of listeners for every artist this year, and it seems as though everyone was in the top .05 percent of listeners for their favorite artist, which made users further doubt its accuracy. 

Spotify Wrapped claims to be accurate, but for me personally, I felt as though mine was only partially accurate. It seemed like my Spotify account didn’t register any song I listened to after January. Obviously this didn’t happen, but a majority of my top songs were all songs I rarely listened to, while my favorite songs I had on repeat all year fell to the bottom of my top 100. On the other hand, my top artists were incredibly accurate and showcased new artists I found over quarantine, such as Frank Ocean. 

There are of course more legitimate reasons as to why your Spotify Wrapped may be inaccurate. Students who share their Spotify accounts with family and friends noticed their top 100 showcased a majority of songs they didn’t listen to, or artists they had never heard of, due to sharing accounts. This resulted in many students not wanting to share their Spotify Wrapped and simply ignoring the recap provided to users.

Many students still took to social media to display their Spotify Wrapped and share their top songs and artists. However many students found it annoying to click through other people’s stories because they simply don’t care how many minutes someone spent on Spotify this year, or what songs they listened to. In my opinion sharing music is powerful and a great way to not only get new music but also to support artists. I generally enjoy looking through everyone’s top songs and artists.  

Even though Spotify Wrapped may not be the most accurate recap, or maybe users are just in denial about how much they listen to certain songs, listening to music on Spotify is something I don’t plan to stop doing anytime soon. Also, don’t be afraid to share your Spotify Wrapped for the year because sharing music is fun and important!