Valentine’s Day 2021: How to spread the love while remaining socially distant


Callie Cook, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day provides a yearly opportunity to shower that special someone with adoration and love. Many people celebrate by giving out chocolate, teddy bears and roses to loved ones. However, as COVID-19 continues to spread and impact the world, will this Valentine’s Day be less romantic due to social-distancing and various restrictions?   

According to Microsoft News, there are still plenty of ways to safely celebrate Valentine’s Day during the pandemic. 

  • Cook dinner together with your loved one or family.
  • Make your own movie theater at home and enjoy a cozy movie night.
  • Write letters to loved ones- It may be harder to see each other in-person if you live  away from each other during this pandemic, so write them a letter.
  • Take your date outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and possibly enjoy a picnic together.

Many people enjoy going out on holidays and spending quality time with their families and loved ones, but due to the pandemic, it is harder to go enjoy many date ideas at public places. has many date ideas to do at home while Covid is going on.

  • Make a night under the stars- enjoy your late evening out on your deck with cozy blankets star gazing.
  • Make space for a home “ball room” and enjoy a nice dance.
  • Order in food. During this time it is best to stay inside. Ordering in food is a great way to stay safe while eating good food.

Valentines Day can be celebrated in many ways. Although 2021 may be different past Valentine Day’s, you can still enjoy it as much as you want. Even leaving heartfelt messages for your loved ones if you are not able to meet with them is a good way to let them know that you are still thinking about them during this tough time.