LSE finishes the long awaited turf field


LSE girls soccer gets out onto the new turf field for a scrimmage. Photo Credit: Chris Rajala

Meg Rajala, Photo Editor

After years of the football team playing on a poor quality practice field and soccer programs forced to practice at various schools, with only occasionally getting the chance to play on an even surface, Lincoln Southeast (LSE) has finally put in a turf field. Many soccer players, like Henry Moberly (11), are excited to get the chance to improve and play on better surfaces and excited to see what the turf field does for various athletic programs at LSE. 

Following the announcement of the new turf field on Aug. 25, there was even higher anticipation for spring sports, and many hoped that COVID-19 numbers would continue to lower to allow for a spring season unlike last year. 

But what does this field really mean for spring sports? To Moberly it means “having a whole field in your backyard”, which allows easier access to the spring sports for practices. The field will provide “a good chance to get touches on turf,” Moberly said. Although, in previous years, the soccer teams have been able to occasionally practice on turf at Seacrest, but practices were generally at grass fields that often required a longer drive for many players. With a majority of the soccer games being played on turf, LSE having a turf field will, according to Moberly, “honestly help the team improve a bunch”. 

As spring season approaches many athletes are already  using the turf field for various conditioning sessions. LSE soccer has been able to offer an open-field scrimmage for players hoping to get touches on turf before tryouts in March. 

Moberly said he’s “looking forward to playing with the guys because there’s a lot of good chemistry” Moberly plays on a club team with lots of his LSE teammates aswell.  

Moberly and other players in the soccer program are excited to see how much the teams are able to improve together this coming season.