Behind the scenes: How sport managers contribute to the team


LSE Football Student Managers pose together at Seacrest Field. Photo by Avery Lambert

Fatima Al-Jayashi, Design Editor

When watching a team play, the players and coaches are the first people most recognize, but when looking deeper, there’s another important role that often goes unrecognized: the student sport manager. The manager helps bring the whole team together in every sport season. Managers are a hidden, but essential part of a team. 

The tasks of being a sport manager vary within each sport, but every sport manager serves the same role. Some of the tasks include filling up water bottles, preparing equipment and making sure everything is clean. Even though these tasks could be considered small, sport managers help the team run smoothly. 

Senior Avery Lambert was a past football manager for two years and a student athletic trainer for three years. When reflecting back on her time being a manager, she says she has made many memories and relationships with the team and coaches.

“[I loved] messing around on the field, talking in the training room, celebrating a touchdown or seeing their reaction when hopping into the ice bath,” Lambert said. 

For the current sports right now, senior Daisy Ward is the manager for boys basketball this season. She has been a manager for four years, including this year, and has enjoyed her time being a manager as well.

“The most fun thing is traveling or getting to see the student sections from a different point of view,” Ward said. 

Depending on the sport, the schedule of a manager can include attending every practice during the week and traveling to every game with the team. During game days, managers can have a long day when they have to help the team and coaches, whether it be from cheering them on to always being prepared with proper equipment when players need it.

Although the job can be busy, Lambert recommends being a student sport manager to anyone who is interested.

“It’s a great way to get involved in the school and create great friendships,” Lambert said. “It was super memorable and I loved it so much!”