LSE Voter Registration Event aims to register new voters who weren’t eligible in November


Nathan Damme, Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 25, there will be a New Voter Registration Drive at Lincoln Southeast (LSE) High School. Social Studies teacher Lindsay Pierce is in charge of the drive and said that after last semester’s drive, they knew they wanted to hold another one because many students turned 18 after the November election.

This drive will be for all students who wish to register to vote and are 18 years or older or will be before April 6. This date has been chosen because that is the next election in Lincoln. 

This won’t be the typical registration, though. In order to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, it will be all held online. During 5th period class on March 25, any eligible students may visit their Google Classroom, and complete the registration process. 

Students will need their driver’s license or state identification to complete the registration. If a student doesn’t have one of those, they need to talk to Pierce. 

If students have any questions or wish to see what the process is like, they can visit the official Nebraska government website at and visit the registration portal there.

Registering to vote is important as it is considered a major civil duty by most to go out and vote at elections. But why is it important to register now, when the next presidential election isn’t for another three years?  

“There are local and state elections and primaries that take place each year,” Pierce said. “It is important to take part in local elections as those are ones that affect us here at home.” 

The upcoming April 6 election is for the Lincoln City Council. 

If you have changes you want in your community make sure to go out and vote.