Social Media: Useful Accounts


Callie Cook, Staff Writer

Josie Dobson (11) uses separate social media accounts for different reasons. Is this common for people to do? What does she post on these separate accounts? 

Dobson has two social media accounts on Instagram. One is her “main” that is just for posting pictures of herself, family, and friends. She also has another account where she posts about her hobbies, singing, and photos. Her main account is private, so she can choose who she wants to view her posts, and her second account is public so it is open for anyone to see. Users can choose to have their account public or private.

On my Title(an account for hobbies and activities she does) page I post all about things I am doing in the community to stay active and promote my platform,” Dobson said. “My platform is ‘Create the Bold, Support the Brave’ – ‘Arts Advocacy.’ So I post things on like National Arts Day and I have some videos on there of me singing, which is my talent for competitions. On my personal account I do post like random pictures and there are some more singing videos on there as well. I also post pictures from shows and plays I have been in at Southeast! Basically just stuff for my friends and family.” 

Dobson tends to post activities that she does or is interested in. She likes taking photos and videos of things she finds interesting, like nature. Her family and friends follow both of her accounts and enjoy watching her post about the things she loves. 

“[They] are very supportive, which I love,” Dobson said

She likes taking her time and taking good quality pictures to post on her Instagram account for her hobbies. As the same for her videos of herself singing, which is a natural talent for her. Scrolling through her Instagram accounts, you can compare and contrast the different types of posts that are done on each separate account. From her phenomenal singing videos, to her lovely pictures, to pictures of herself, friends, and family. 

Although it seems completely normal for social media users to have separate accounts, surprisingly, many don’t. For example, there are users who have the app Instagram, but do not post much of anything, or even post nothing at all. It is common for the users to “archive” any of their posts, which then removes it so no one can see it any longer. 

Having lots of followers seems to be a dream for many people, but not for Dobson. 

My goal of being on social media is not for the aspect of gaining followers. Sure followers are nice but my end goal with my title account is to spread my message of why the arts are so important,” Dobson said. 

Many people just enjoy being able to share about their hobbies and what they enjoy doing, and don’t mind the amount of followers that they have. On the other hand, it is half and half. Others also enjoy gaining followers and gaining for recognition. It gives a more likely chance to become better known on the internet. 

“More followers are always cool but they’re not my goal,“ Dobson said.

Social media is fun to use for many people. There are many different ways each user uses it. Dobson shared a great example of a use of separate accounts, with detailed explanation.