Alivia Neater: Finding a path to balancing a busy schedule


Alivia Neater doodling away during their down time.

Ksenia Gevorkova, Online Editor

While some students may have relaxed senior years, Alivia Neater (12) is an exception. Not only are they in cross country but they also participate in theatre, speech, orchestra, and two choirs; Bel Canto and Court Choir. They have managed to balance all their activities with passions such as writing and drawing to create a great blend of leisure and activity. Through all of their involvement, Neater has been able to figure out the best tips and tricks for managing schedules. 

“A lot of it is just kind of balance for what I found. I’ll have to look ahead and see what my schedule is going to be like and from there on figure out when I’m going to do certain schoolwork,” said Neater. “Make sure you don’t pile on too much stuff at once, and also I would say make sure to see beforehand if the activities are going to overlap. It’s just a lot of scheduling and making sure not to pile on too much at once because then you can become overwhelmed.”

Despite Neater’s crammed schedule, they make sure to make time for other things they truely love to do. Specifically Neater loves to be able to grow their artistic abilities by doodling away in their sketchbook, or writing long stories and developing fantasy worlds. These passions, however, have been stunted just slightly by their busy schedule, but Neater still makes time for them. 

“I haven’t been able to do a lot lately because I’ve been pretty busy, but on the weekends I’m doing a lot of drawing, writing, and stuff where I can kind of improve,” said Neater. 

Neater is still unsure of what they will continue to do after high school, but with the possibilities they have open, there is bound to be something they can find. 

“I know there are some people that have their entire future planned out right now. It’s like I’m going to this college and I’m going to do this, and currently all I’ve got is: I think I want to do writing. Is that going to happen? I don’t know. It might just end up being a hobby. I’ve also got art that I really enjoy doing and I also really like music, so I’ve got a lot of paths I could go down, and I’m just not sure which one or where I’m gonna end up.” 

Proud of their accomplishments, Neater knows that no matter what happens in their future, they hope that they can leave a good legacy, whether that’s inside or outside school. 

“I think I’d at least like to be remembered as a good friend, a good person. Hopefully I was nice to everyone that I knew, and hopefully I’ve been funny. I try my best to be funny, because I feel like I’m good at making people laugh,” said Neater. “You know, I want to be remembered fondly.”