Opinion: The closure of the Prasch entrance causes challenges for LSE students


Carmin Sims, Copy Editor

As the second semester at Lincoln Southeast High School (LSE) begins, students are getting back into their dreaded school morning routines after days of sleeping in until the sun has already risen. It is often a difficult task to wake up so early after sleeping in for the past two weeks of winter break. Hearing that patronizing alarm before 8 a.m. can be frustrating to most students, and can also be a stress factor in making it to school on time.

Many students, as well as myself, find the Prasch entrance to be most convenient when entering the school. It is also often used by underclassmen whose parents drop them off before they are on their way to work. Not to mention the upperclassmen without dedicated parking spots in A lot, yet are too reluctant to enter the crowded C lot. We find ourselves parked in the neighborhoods surrounding LSE, past the “No Parking” signs, causing the walk to be even further than if you were parked in C lot.

The convenience of using this entrance ended on Jan. 4, when students were unable to open the Prasch doors the morning of the first day back to school. 

Groups of students began walking up to the doors before seeing the bright red sign taped to the glass windows stating that the Prasch entrance was no longer in use for entering the building in the morning. They were redirected to the entrance located outside of the commons. This is unfortunately at the other side of the school, meaning the students now have to walk through the unbearably cold weather to get to the closest open entrance. This has also caused a long line outside of the commons entrance, taking much more time to get inside the building.

As the semester progresses, I have had a hard time adjusting to this change, as have many other students. Whether for security reasons, or something sports related, it has made getting to school a bit harder than it already had been. Hopefully as the weather gets nicer, and students start setting their alarms to wake them a few minutes earlier, we can learn to adapt to this sudden change.