Art + Thrift provides a sense of community for LSE students


Evan Merrell, Broadcast Editor

On Jan. 7, 2022,  many vendors across Lincoln converged on The Bay in preparation for the Art + Thrift event. People come from across Lincoln to sell and purchase thrifted clothing items and art pieces. The Bay has a spacious area for vendors to set up their booths that provides a very casual and relaxed setting. 

A few Lincoln Southeast High School (LSE) students participated in the Art + Thrift since the event resumed after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. LSE Junior Ethan Gerbeling attended the event as a vendor. Geberling owns a small business called Bamboo Closet where he purchases and resells vintage and secondhand clothing. 

“It’s just awesome that there are so many people that share the same interest as me,” Gerbeling said. “To me, it’s never really been about the money, it’s more been about connecting people with new clothes and meeting new friends.” 

Gerbeling plans on continuing to attend future Art + Thrifts and expanding his business. A large part of what draws people into something like this is the community aspect. Gerbeling exemplifies this with his cheery attitude and obvious excitement for what the future holds when it comes to Bamboo Closet. 

Besides Gerbeling’s booth, many LSE Knights attended the event to shop around and find some vintage clothes for themselves. Junior Javier Mansilla Sidgman attended the previous event and has some interesting insight from the consumer’s point of view. 

“It’s really interesting to see each individual person do their craft,”  Mansilla Sidgman said. 

He believes that the consumer vendor relationship is integral to creating the atmosphere at the Art + Thrift. 

“It’s really appealing in the sense that you truly get to meet the person behind the work because if you go to a fast fashion place you just meet the cashier, buy your clothing, and leave,” Mansilla Sidgman said.  But now, with a small local business, you get to see the person.” said Mansilla Sidgman. 

As the Art + Thrift continues to grow, and more people hear about it, the community will continue to grow and more people will be let in on this shared passion. Mansilla Sidgman sums this up perfectly saying, “Although their clothing may be cool, the connection is more important.”