Lincoln Southeast’s Annual Clothing Closet drive to be held from Jan. 31 to Feb 4.


Image curtesy of Towfiqu barbhuiya on unsplash

Nicole Tinius, Editor-in-Chief

Lincoln Southeast will hold its annual Clothing Closet Drive from Monday, Jan. 31 to Friday, Feb. 4.

This year, Student Council (StuCo) is sponsoring the drive, which  will provide new clothes to stock the LSE Clothing Closet. Students and staff can participate by donating gently used clothing.

LSE senior Ella Salem is head of this StuCo project and will oversee three committees to ensure that the drive runs smoothly. 

She says while any donated items would be greatly appreciated, there is an emphasis on donations of winter apparel such as jackets, coats, crewnecks, t-shirts, sweatpants, socks and more. 

There will be bins located throughout the school to put donations in throughout the week. 

Don’t fret if you’ve missed the one-week time frame because, according to Salem. any and all donations can be given to Ms. Baker, an LSE Social Worker, any time during the year. 

This annual fundraiser has always been a great way of restocking the LSE Clothing Closet, where students in need are provided with sufficient clothing for the weather or new items that aren’t worn out, torn or stained. 

Salem says if a student is in need of items from the Clothing Closet, head to the Counseling Office where counselors are able to unlock the doors. 

This event is something really special to Salem and the excitement to head it has been building for quite some time. 

“I started working with the clothing closet freshman year and have been working to get money to help this project,” she said. “Now that we are putting 5,000 dollars into renovating the clothing closet I am very excited.” 

According to the LSE website, cash donations are also accepted in the main office. Checks should be made out to Lincoln Southeast.

Both Salem and the LSE main office encourage students and staff to talk to a StuCo member if any questions arise.