Increasing COVID-19 cases lead to LPS regulations to prevent spread


Photo Credit: bohemama / Getty Images

Ksenia Gevorkova, Online Editor

LPS has decided to continue implementing the mask mandate as COVID-19 cases have rapidly spiked. In the Lincoln Southeast (LSE) community, it isn’t uncommon to see emails detailing the presence of up to 18 cases a day, proving this increased capability of spread. According to an email sent by LPS to all families, the district announced that the number of cases is in the “extreme category” and that they want to protect family and staff. 

COVID-19 has been mutating rapidly and, with the numerous mutations, any cases of close contact can lead to infection. With new variations such as Omicron, infection can be a lot easier and that’s likely the reason for the uptick in cases. Even fully vaccinated individuals can fall prey to these new mutations. The booster has slightly decreased the possibility of catching it, however, it doesn’t guarantee it. Only time can tell how effective the vaccines will be against future strands. 

To combat this rapid spread, LPS has also put protocols in for students to return to Zoom learning in case it may be necessary. On Jan. 18, students across LPS practiced remote learning through the designated system created. This system operates through Synergy, making it easy for students to login at home and join a Zoom call. In the event that cases begin to rise rapidly, and too many staff or students become ill, a school can shut down and go online for a period of time. Although there isn’t any indication of it happening anytime soon, the backup plan is there just in case anyways. 

With all the precautions put in place, LPS is hoping to limit more spread of COVID-19 and eventually be able to resume a normal school environment. COVID-19 has posed many challenges for schools in Lincoln, and by following all the new protocols, eventually things may improve.