Anonymous LSE Instagram account dedicated to sharing crushes, connecting people


Nicole Tinius, Editor-in-Chief

The allure of online-anonymity is that one can share their truth and gossip with the world, but keep their secrets safe within the interwebs and have little concern with ever being identified. This, perhaps, is why anonymous accounts such as @lseanonymouscrush on instagram have gained popularity and spilled the hot gossip everyone can’t get enough of. 

Since the start of the account on Dec. 24, 2021, the anonymous creator of @lseanonymouscrush has posted a daily dose of secret crushes, epic glow-ups, and people trying to find their possible one true love. 

“The purpose of this account is to let people share what they feel needs to be shared, and to let people express themselves and share how they really feel without being embarrassed,” lseanonymouscrush content creator said through direct messages. 

The lseanonymouscrush account uses a platform called Tellonym, which is designed so confessors can send the content creator messages through the link in the account’s bio and remain completely unknown. Just as the confessors remain anonymous, the content creator also remains a mystery. 

After submission, the content itself is then seen by the creator where it is then posted on the Instagram account, with the creator believing to post roughly 10 times every day. 

“I share most of the information, unless I feel the information is inappropriate or rude,” they said. 

Scrolling through past posts, viewers can see there are plenty of topics discussed. The more popular ones tend to be based around a mysterious Jonah figure, meet-up dates and times, as well as frequently sought after individuals. 

“I am not completely aware of anything big coming from this account so far, but I’m hopeful that we can at least help someone at some point,” they said. 

Towards the beginning of the account, the creator found a steady pattern of responses and interaction, but “recently the amount of responses has greatly increased,” as the account has gained popularity.

Currently, there has been a boom of school-related instagram posts showing students’ bad parking, trash cans, “yassification”, confessions, shoe game, anti-maskers, and milk lockers. These accounts showcase what occurs during the school day within Lincoln Public School’s (LPS) buildings and on school grounds.

For the content creator, they believe their account is different than the rest. 

“I got the idea for this [unique account] based on people wanting to express themselves,” they said. While it is loosely based around other Lincoln high school accounts, this is the first of its kind for Lincoln Southeast (LSE).

“I feel like I, and everyone else, can feel more connected to the whole school with this. I feel like a lot of people can relate to some of the posts,” they said. “I relate to many posts where people express how they feel or how their life is.” 

Out of all the posts they have seen, the content creator believes that their favorites “are when someone tries to find the name or social media of someone, and people help them in the comments.”