Beat the winter woes with self-care and celebrations


Maren Steinke, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Now that Valentine’s day is over, the buzz of the major holiday season is over. Once Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are all over, many people experience a letdown. Bitter cold and long days may even cause seasonal depression in some, so what can we do to brighten the months of February and March before spring arrives?

One great way to keep excitement in your life during winter is to celebrate other holidays you might not think to emphasize. Go all out for St. Patrick’s day! The website for Woman’s Day magazine recommends making green food, watching St. Patrick’s day movies like Sing Street or Leap Year, and decorating your house. One can also celebrate minor holidays, like National Love Your Pet Day on Feb. 20. Celebrating holidays can help distinguish weeks from each other, which is especially helpful when the days may seem to run together. 

Another way to increase happiness during the winter months is changing your self-care routine. With winter comes dry skin, chapped lips, and split ends. Changing your skin and hair care routine not only will help your body, but a change of pace may also be good for your mind. Drinking more water and getting more sleep are also important, which not only helps your mind but also your body and immune system. 

Lastly, get outside! While the weather may be cold and gross, getting fresh air is important for everyone. Sledding, winter walks, and ice skating are great ways to have fun in the cold. Since Lincoln hasn’t gotten that much snow, make sure to enjoy the warmer days as well. This coming week highs are in the 40s and 50s, with a couple days getting up to as high as 65 degrees. 

If you’re feeling down in these last weeks of winter before spring rolls around, consider trying to brighten your day by finding something to celebrate, changing up your routine, or getting outside. You might be surprised by how much happier you’ll be.