Opinion: Pete Davidson strikes back on Instagram amidst Ye drama


Amiah Robinson, Staff Writer

Is Pete Davidson firing back at Kanye West after being the center of so many disses made by Ye himself? 

On Jan. 5, 2021 of last year, it was discovered that Kim Kardashian and Kanye Wests’ marriage was coming to an end. It was not long after this that Pete Davidson and Kardashian had started seeing each other, and when word got back to Kanye, he was not happy with the situation.

 The drama between Davidson, West, and Kardashian has been going on for many months now, so maybe you have heard about Davidson finally reentering the Instagram world again after deactivating his account over four years ago. 

The first thing that Davidson did with his account was post a link in his bio leading to a Youtube video of comedian Rupert Pupkin delivering his most well-known line, “Better to be a king for a night then a schmuck for a lifetime.” 

This, of course, went viral, leading to Davidson once again deactivating his account for the second time. Although most fans think that this was indeed a diss against West, others don’t believe that this is the case.

In my opinion, I believe it could be spun either way.

For one, it would be understandable for Davidson to feel overwhelmed by Wests’ childish antics and decide to finally strike back. But then why would he deactivate his account afterwards?

Well, it is also possible that Davidson simply posted the link for a different reason and panicked when it began to gain the wrong attention from his fans. 

What do you think? Has Davidson had enough ofWest, or was this all a big misunderstanding?