To go or not to go?: Prom returns to normal as some question if post prom is worth the money


Evan Merrell, Broadcast Editor

LSE juniors and seniors will be spending a “Knight in the Enchanted Garden” at this year’s prom, taking place Saturday, April 9, at the Lincoln Grand Station Hall.

Prom will be from 9 pm to 12 pm and will be 15 dollars. This is the first standard prom since spring 2019, as there was no prom in 2020 and only seniors and Student Council were able to attend prom last year. This is a welcomed return to form as many juniors last year were upset by the decision to not allow them to go. 

There will also be a Post Prom held at LSE. Post Prom will immediately follow the end of prom and conclude at 4 am. Tickets are 10 dollars. The theme this year will be, ‘Hollywood Knights.’ At Post Prom there will be a plethora of games and activities to keep prom goers busy. Additionally, there will be prizes to be won including, Airpods, gift cards and TVs. 

Another question many are wondering is if they should attend Post Prom. Junior (11), Javier Mansilla Sidgman says he will not be attending Post Prom because he’s “already paying thirty bucks to bring me and my date to prom and so I don’t want to pay more money for post prom.” 

This sentiment resonates with students as many dread the cost of prom. From dresses to corsages, prom is not cheap and Post Prom is just another cost to tack on. Junior Liem Wills says, “I think of people who want to go to post prom but already spent the money they had on the outfit, or dinner, or all the other preemptive things and don’t get the opportunity to go to post prom.” 

Either way, prom is something that many are looking forward to. A standard prom signifies a return to normalcy after COVID-19 has hindered our lives in all facets for 2 years now. So, for everyone attending this Saturday, have fun!