2022 Prom Fashion Trends


Students dancing on the floor while dawning their diverse outfits Image courtesy Nicole Tinius

Ksenia Gevorkova, Online Editor

Over the past few months, clothing stores have been flooded with people looking for their perfect prom outfit. Students often make it a ritual to go out searching for a luxurious dress or suit that they find to their liking. This year for prom, there was a variety of ensembles that people rocked as they strutted across the dance floor. 

One trend this year was the massive amount of glitter and sparkles. Many students dawned long ball gowns engulfed in sparkles that glimmered in the light. Going for either a dress more similar to an A line ball gown or one more body contoured, the sparkle was everywhere. Ranging from minuscule gemstones to glitter embedded into fabric or even sparkles pasted on top of the dress, there were various forms that lit up the night. 

Another trend was a more classic style of dress, with the twist of a leg slit, allowing the leg more room for movement, and more possibility to dance. The dramatic flair of the leg slit in the more classic long draped dresses added to this year’s fashion in a grand way. 

In addition to the dress trends, suits were all the rage. In varying colors from black to brown to gray, they were seen everywhere on the dance floor typically paired with a bow-tie or necktie of some color. For undershirts, many people went with something more classic, while some opted for a more extravagant route with sheer or decked out tops. 

Overall, it is clear that through prom, many students got to express their style and got a chance to dress up a little bit. Being able to have an event where students can go all out is very important and is likely why LSE students cherish it so much.