Earth Week fundraiser brings in money for new courtyard project


Carmin Sims, Copy Editor

During the week of April 18-22, Lincoln Southeast High School (LSE) Neature Club held a fundraiser in honor of Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22. This fundraiser was conducted in order to raise money to clean up the LSE courtyard and make it a serene place for students to relax. However, the focus was not about the money. 

“While we love raising money for future club projects, our focus this year was less of a fundraising event and more of an event to give back to LSE students,” club sponsor and LSE science teacher Laurel Schmitz said.

The week-long event ended up raising 215 dollars in donations and purchases from staff and students. The club was selling stickers for 2 dollars, spider plants for 3 dollars and had paper bee cut outs to decorate. The bees were used to create a “sustainability mural” which was located by the front office. Another opportunity was entering names in a prize box for the chance to win items provided by Neature Club. The possible prizes were a selection of gardening and plant care products. Both the spider plants and prizes were kept in room G115 for students and winners to pick up after school. 

“About 65 students were winners of free prizes this year, and at least 200 students participated in our sustainability mural,” Schmitz said.

Last year, the funds raised went towards purchasing flower pots and other free prizes for students to take home. The goal for this year’s event was a bit different. Rather than just giving out prizes, the club is planning on using the money raised to revamp the LSE courtyard located between C hall and D hall. 

“What we want to do is clean it up and plant flowers, just make it a nice space where students can actually go throughout the day,” Neature Club Co-President Lily Little said. 

Neature Club worked hard to make this fundraiser successful. The plants being sold were from propagated cuttings that come from spider plants that had been grown in Schmitz’s classroom. This type of plant can be shared easily once it has grown to a large size. Obtaining these plants also allowed for a message on sustainability considering they were cut from a preexisting plant.

The majority of this year’s event was put together by Neature Club Co-Presidents, Itai Trainin and Lily Little. There were also many volunteers from the club to sell items at the booth that was located in the commons during all three lunches. 

Thanks to the LSE Neature Club and its dedicated members, we will now have a new and improved courtyard for students to go outside during the school day and enjoy the beauty of our Earth around them.