Meet the Staff: Georgia Wood

Meet the Staff: Georgia Wood

Molly Leyden, Staff Writer

Georgia Wood is a sophomore at LSE. She is involved in many things in and outside of school including Step-Chain and Leadership Cadre. In her free time, Wood enjoys dancing, playing video games, reading and she also takes voice lessons outside of school.

Wood spent her 8th grade year at home as she didn’t attend 8th grade in public school due to the pandemic. She did a homeschooling program with two other students. Although it was a crazy year, she enjoyed her time at home.

“Homeschooling was definitely difficult because you had to really just motivate yourself to do the work because there was no due dates or no, like, teacher that was gonna give you a bad grade if you didn’t turn something in right away. For the first couple months, I did kind of struggle with that and got really behind on my school work. Then as the year went on, I kind of got the hang of it so that was good.”

Wood does admit that there was a negative side to homeschooling. At times it was boring and difficult to only be around the same two people all the time. Despite this, Wood doesn’t only see her experience in a negative way.

“I don’t regret homeschooling. I did like it, but it was kind of challenging being with the same three people or the same two people the whole year. It could get tiring every once in a while, but I don’t regret it. It was a good experience.”

Learning how to balance homeschooling and not fall behind was a challenge, but in the end she enjoyed it. Wood learned how to manage herself and work on her own. These skills made her feel more prepared for high school, and despite the poor stigmas around homeschooling Wood found ways to adapt and make it work. This perseverance and learning experience is truly inspiring.