Curtis Craig: Campus Supervisor and LSE legend hopes to inspire students by dressing for success every day


Araya Schroder, Photography Editor

Longtime Campus Supervisor Curtis Craig continues to inspire students for what is now 26 dedicated years at the school. As he monitors the hall, connecting with students and building bonds, Craig struts in his stylish outfits every day. 

One student, Stephanie Smith, who looks up to Craig, even created an Instagram account that shows off his daily outfits. 

Smith says she started it around 2nd quarter of last.

“I started it because Craig’s outfits are always so nice,” Smith says. “He loves to match, even with the smallest things like his socks. [My friends and I] would literally be so excited to see the new fit he had on each day.”

Craig says he is motivated by someone who taught him to dress for success everyday – his mother.

“I’m the oldest of seven kids in my family. My mother always felt that if you want to be successful, you have to have the appearance to want to do that,” Craig said. “Before we left out the door she would make sure to look you over to make sure you’re just the right way.”

He hopes that his sense of style can make an impact, where students can look up to him as a role model. 

“You have to try to curate yourself in a way where [students] may want to emulate that someday to themselves.” 

Craig, being the very fashionable man he is, hopes students look at him and recognize the deeper meaning of dressing proper. 

“We didn’t come from a lot of money, but we did have a lot of character [and] a lot of pride in what we did,” he said.

Craig has always liked working with children, and has had many jobs in many different states doing so. Before Craig started to build a community at LSE, he worked as a liaison between school districts and the juvenile court office in Iowa City, Iowa.

“I had a lot of freedom. I could go to all the junior highs and high schools, work with all the kids at different levels, for different reasons,” Craig said. 

Prior to working in Iowa, Craig worked in the San Francisco Bay with kids involved in gangs, trying to make them feel like they have a place in society. 

Before he started his professional career, back when he was in high school, Craig was an outstanding athlete. While he was a student athlete at Davenport Central, from 1971 to 1974,  he led the Blue Devils to an Iowa State 4A title, was on two State Championship Track and Field teams and also placed at State three times in Wrestling, including as runner-up in his junior year.

When Craig finished his high school career he had offers to play football for many powerhouse programs including Notre Dame and Michigan, but chose Nebraska over them.

Craig says his highlight of playing football at Nebraska came his senior year in 1977 when he scored a rushing touchdown in a win against #4 Alabama at Memorial Stadium. 

Dressing for success, and showing up to work hard everyday has helped Craig achieve many accolades throughout his life. To be inspired by his daily dose of style, follow the Instagram account @_craig_plague_