2022 has no staple fashion


Amiah Robinson, Staff Writer

According to the 2015 article titled Do Fashion Trends Still Exist, author Kate Abnett writes about the English author, critic, curator and fashion historian James Laver who, in 1937, drew up a basic timeline of how trends evolve. Abnett writes that, “according to Laver’s Law, when a trend is in fashion, it is ‘smart.’ One year before this, it’s ‘daring.’ And 20 years later, it becomes ‘ridiculous.’ 50 years, Laver said, was how long it took for a trend to begin to creep back into style.” 

For years, this was believed to be true by designers, critics and celebrities, but what about now? How is fashion being consumed in 2022? Trends are happening so much faster nowadays because of social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. 

Fifty years ago if you wanted to know what was trending, you could either flip through a magazine or watch television where you would only see what brands/designers wanted you to see. But now, because of social media, people aren’t limited to a handful of companies deciding what’s cool and what isn’t. This allows people to be exposed to many more ways of expressing themselves through fashion and clothes. 

In her article, Abnett writes that social media has brought about a “new age of connection that has revolutionized key industries. Whether it be a trend, movement or individual post, the things that happen on social media can have a huge impact on the real world.”

The Maya Principle

In the fashion world, MAYA is an acronym that stands for, “Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable.” This phrase, coined by well-known industrial designer Raymond Loewy, describes a sweet spot between the things that are old and overdone, and things that are super futuristic and out there. This applies to fashion because people enjoy things that are familiar yet shocking. That is why old trends and styles are beginning to make their way back into modern culture.

Are Trends No Longer a Thing?

Why do trends no longer feel like they exist in fashion? Well, in Untitled Magazine’s 2021 article titled “How Social Media Affects the Fast Fashion Industry”, author Riley Johnson writes that, “Social media is best known for its ability to connect people from around the world and share information instantly. One way this affects the fashion world is by speeding up the rate at which fashion trends come into style.”

How does this affect personal style?

In the 2022 article from Western Front Online, author Sydney Jackson writes that, “Staying on trend with the latest fashion can be daunting – and when style guides from publications like GQ and Teen Vogue say spring 2022 is all about statements like bold patterns and see-through fabric, it can be extra intimidating. But for those who love to express themselves through their style, current trends often come second to individuality.” 

Fashion and personal style is a form of art, and no one artist has the same vision. It is extremely important for an artist to be able to express themselves in their art and that is what people, now more than ever, are beginning to learn! When more people feel comfortable expressing personal style we see less shame and judgment shown by others who don’t share the same style/vision because they too understand personal expression.