Varsity Bowling joins winter sports

Coaches Erin Davis and Jesse Reynolds seize a new opportunity to instill passion for bowling in LSE students


Lilly Penner, Staff Writer

For the first time in the school’s history, LSE will be offering varsity bowling as a sport for the winter season. 

This was set in motion two years ago after Nebraska recognized bowling as a high school sport. It was, however, a club offered at LSE and other LPS schools in previous years. 

Due to the popularity of the club throughout the years, Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) granted approval. 

For this first season, LSE social studies teacher Jesse Reynolds will be coaching the boys’ team, while Erin Davis will coach the girls’ team. 

“I have always wanted to be a coach for as long as I’ve wanted to be a teacher,” Reynolds said.

Upon it being announced that LSE would have a bowling program, Reynolds seized the opportunity. 

“I am a regular bowler and am in leagues all year long, so for me the combination of the right sport coming along at the right time in my career meant that the time was now to start coaching,” Reynolds said. 

He expands further on the other reason he decided to become a coach being he gets to work with kids outside of the classroom. 

“Coaching is such a great way to get to know a different side of students or get to know students that I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet if it weren’t for the team. It’s a chance to see them demonstrate some amazing skills and to see them have a fun experience,” Reynolds said. 

Reynolds said there will “undoubtedly be unexpected trials and tribulations,” because of this being a new addition to LSE. 

“I didn’t have any clue about how much experience our team would have or if anyone would even be interested in trying out,” Reynolds said. “But the thing that we can control during our first ever season is making sure that it is fun for everyone who is a part of the program. Winning wouldn’t hurt, though.” 

Soon Reynolds will be faced with another challenge: what he can do as a coach to motivate the team. He said “it’s one of the trickiest parts of coaching,” since there are so many athletes that respond to different types of motivation whether it be seeking glory, the fear of failure or to impress others. 

“It really comes down to knowing each bowler and figuring out the secret to getting the most out of their performance,” Reynolds said. 

He is nevertheless willing to face all the “trials and tribulations” of coaching with a lighthearted hope that his team will improve and have fun throughout the season.

“The wins and losses will take care of themselves. As long as we do our best and always improve while having a good time along the way, then that will be a successful season!” 

Another person who seized this new coaching opportunity is Erin Davis, who since the age of 10, has been involved with the Lincoln Bowling Community.

“It’s an absolute dream that AD [athletic director] Kara Graham has chosen me for the position,” she said. 

Upon taking on the position, Davis said she feels a responsibility to bring enthusiasm to her position, and wants the team to “represent Southeast loud and proud.”

“I will bring energy, enthusiasm, positivity, and fun to my position as head coach,” Davis said.

Recently with tryouts concluding, she has built a team around some of her core values aligning with what she hopes to add as a coach.

“Being a good teammate, positivity, willingness to learn, and having fun are very important,” Davis said. 

In the season, Davis discusses what she is most looking forward to. 

“I am looking forward to my relationships with the student athletes and their parents,” Davis said. “And watching the ladies improve their bowling technique, skills and scores. It would be an added bonus if we were able to be competitive as well!” 

Any students with free time this winter should go show some Knight pride to the LSE Boys and Girls Varsity Bowling Team. 

“We would love for LSE students and staff to come cheer us on at our duels this season at Parkway Lanes, Hollywood Bowl and Sun Valley Lanes. We want the inaugural bowling season to be a huge success,” Davis said.