The Wax Museum

LSE’s local rockstars form an unbreakable bond


photo Credit: Amiah Robinson

Amiah Robinson, Staff Writer

Light poured in through the large windows of the studio. The whole room was saturated in vivid shades of yellows, blues, and whites. It was bright and spacious, and everything was glowing with the hue of the afternoon sun. 

But I was not focused on that. Nor was I focused on the various paintings or brilliantly colored guitars hanging on every wall. My eyes did not once fall to the books about John Lennon or the Beatles sitting upon the little white bookshelf, but instead, my focus was on the five boys scattered in the center of the room, each displaying a unique talent of his own. 

Jacob Langhorst, Trey Fenton, Kolby Fischer, Jack Beattie, and Henry Alexander are all members of an Alt (Alternative) Rock band called the Wax Museum. 

Langhorst said the band got together last year after the group of friends realized they could combine their varied musical talents.  

“We thought it would be fun if we could all form our talents together and make some music together,” Langhorst said. “Playing music with other people is a lot different than just playing an instrument on your own. One of the parts about playing with each other is getting to listen and adapt to the music while playing. Combining our talents makes playing instruments more fulfilling than it already is.”

The band first started out covering songs by other artists but have recently moved into creating more original songs that they perform live at venues around Lincoln. 

“We don’t really have a real reason or a message behind any of our songs, we just kind of do it to have fun and enjoy ourselves,” said the band’s lead guitarist, Trey Fenton.  

According to Langhorst, the band has a unique way of concocting their original songs. 

“Our guitar players come up with a riff, usually after talking with their teacher. They bring that riff and we all just play it a couple times and we try to play along with it. Then our singer goes home, tries to write some lyrics, and then comes back and we kind of write lyrics with him,” Langhorst said. “It reminds me how music can make connections between people. It’s the musical experience that is different from school because we can play a different style. Everyone can be creative and write songs together which makes it more important to us because we wrote it.” 

The band says they have acquired a small following of about 100 people here at LSE. Some of which have even been supportive enough to attend a few of the gigs they’ve done.

Some things The Wax Museum does to promote their band is by making posts of schedules for their gigs, pictures, and videos on their instagram, @Thewaxmuseumoffical, Sell T-Shirts – which you can find on their instagram, and also just simply by word of mouth. 

“The band is somewhere we can feel comfortable. Before we started we didn’t all know each other, but music has brought us together.”