Senior Athlete Spotlight: Evan Miller


Evan Miller navigates through defenders on her way to the goal.

Jarod Cada, Sports Editor

Q: What’s your name? 

A: Evan Miller 

Q: What sports did you play at LSE?

A: “I did cross country my freshman year and soccer every year after that.”


Q: How do you think high school sports have changed you as an athlete/person? 

A:  “It made me more aware of different styles that one sport can have. It made me more open to people because of my teammates. I really just broke out of my shell with highschool sports.”


Q: What coaches have made an impact during your high school sports career? 

A: “Alica Staggs was really important and supportive to me as my JV coach even though I only had her for one year.”


Q: What was your favorite memory during high school sports? 

A: “Making the state championship last year because it just connected the team so much more and it made us even more of a family.”


Q:When did you start playing varsity for your sport?

A: “I started playing varsity as a junior.”


Q: What are your plans for after high school?  

A: “ I’m going to UNL just for academics but I’m gonna continue coaching soccer and then playing for the club team.”