New Year, New Resolution

Lilly Penner, Staff Writer

Often, the New Year represents a new beginning and a chance to put the past behind them, causing many to create resolutions to reinvent themselves. The article “The History of New Year’s Resolutions” written by Sarah Pruitt. It claims that making New Year’s resolutions dates back to the ancient Babylonians. During Akitu, a religious festival, promises were made to the gods to return borrowed objects and repay debts. Although for the Babylonians, their new year began in mid March instead of January. However, Julius Caesar changed the calendar establishing the new year to begin January 1st. It was customary for Romans in ancient Rome to make sacrifices to the god, Janas, along with promises of good conduct in the new year. Furthermore, for early Christians it was a day to acknowledge one’s mistakes and put oneself on a pedestal to be better. Though having deep religious roots, today’s New Year’s resolutions are usually focused on self improvement. It’s a time for many to reflect on their past year and be driven to implement change. 

Maisy Viehl:

To start the New Year, sophomore Maisy Viehl is planning to drink more water, stop biting her nails and journal once or twice a week.

“I learned the importance of how much water your body actually needs,” Veihl said.

Viehl is so determined to keep herself on track that she already has a plan, and her friends will hold her accountable by checking in on her progress. She also has implemented a reward system. When it comes to staying hydrated, once she reaches a set timeframe she’ll allow herself a special drink. This reward system is something she’s using for all of her resolutions this year.

“If I don’t bite my nails maybe I’ll treat myself to getting them done,” Viehl said. 

Her inability to succeed in previous years will be the driving force to succeed this year. In sixth grade, she tried journaling every day for the year, yet only made it to about May.

“I just kind of gave up but I’m gonna try it again this year,” she said.

Another secret to how Viehl will be successful is her positive mindset. 

“I feel like if I don’t bar myself up and I keep a positive mindset that I’ll be able to keep going with it,” she said. 

Viehl is motivated to finish the year with these same goals.

When it comes to a need to bite her nails, past comments like “your nails are really short” or “your nails look a little gnarly” are the motivation she needs. 

Viehl shares what she thinks about resolutions in general. 

“You know, I think sometimes people might think New Year’s resolutions are dumb, but they’re a really good thing. I think to keep yourself motivated and productive,” Viehl said. 

Sherice Lockman:

In 2023, sophomore Sherice Lockman wants to keep a positive mindset.

In order to ensure this year is different from previous years, this goal was set as a result of past setbacks and regrets. 

To stay on track she has made a plan to set constant positive reminders and allocate time to work on past struggles. 

In recent years, Lockman has struggled to manage her time and has fallen behind on her grades. 

Despite her inability to keep a resolution in the past, she is determined that 2023 will be a pivotal year for her. 

“I just never found that motivation to stick to those resolutions. And so I guess now it’s 2023 and I want to set a goal,” she said.

Emi Taylor:

Sophomore Emi Taylor is determined to get out of bed before 6 a.m. and drink an entire water bottle.

“I know if I’m getting up and out of bed and actually eating breakfast in the morning and drinking all my water, that’s just gonna make me feel better about myself,” Taylor said.

This sense of euphoria she gets when taking care of herself is propelling her to complete the year with these exact resolutions.

“It’s gonna make me healthier and just a better person,” Taylor said.

She has already curated a plan to keep herself accountable for her resolutions by setting at least 15 alarms to wake up in the morning. She is also setting reminders on her phone to remind herself to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

As a whole, Taylor has a unique perspective on New Year’s resolutions. 

“It takes a certain mindset in order to keep them and I know that’s not for everyone,” she said.