Spring into a Spectacular Summer

Students don’t have to travel far to enjoy warm weather and interesting destinations


Mili Kagan, Staff Writer

With spring beginning, warmer weather brings about a whole new variety of events and activities that people can participate in. In addition, the lack of school during the summer months gives students the opportunity to spend their free time however they choose. Although many students adore this freedom in their schedules, in a survey of 67 students, 86.6 percent stated that they experienced boredom at some point during summer break. Despite this, there are a wide variety of local events and activities that would ensure students a fun and eventful spring and summer. 



One notable upcoming spring event is Junkstock, which takes place April 28- 30 and May 5- 7 at 1150 River Road Drive in Waterloo, Nebraska. Junkstock is a festival that takes place three times each year. The festival includes live music, food and over 200 vendors, many of which are small businesses, selling things from antiques to handmade jewelry to fancy chocolates. In addition, the festival features countless photo-worthy decorations. The unique experience that Junkstock provides has resulted in gaining popularity and being recognized in various magazines and articles, including but not limited to: USA Today, Better Homes and Gardens and MidwestLiving. “The people there were all really, really nice, which was good and I felt like I belonged there,” LSE sophomore Kayin Brinkmeyer, who attended Junkstock last year, said. General admission is $15 and can be bought in person or online in advance at junkstock.com. 


Farmers Market:

Starting May 6, the farmers market will be taking place from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. every Saturday in the downtown Haymarket around North 7th and P Street. Attending the farmers market is a fun way to shop while also spending some time outside. Vendors are typically small businesses, which sell items such as locally grown produce, baked goods and handmade art. “I like that I get to shop local and support different businesses,” Brinkmeyer said. 


Time with friends and family:

Warmer weather during the springtime and summertime also introduces an array of new activities to do with friends and family. The lack of school during summer break also allows students to spend more time with the people around them. One fun and unique way to spend an evening with friends or family during the summer is going to a drive-in movie. Quasar Drive-In movie theater is located at 13427 N. 300th Street, Valley, NE 68064. Movie schedules are updated on Monday evenings on their website at quasardrivein.com. Tickets are sold at $10 for adults and $5 for kids ages 3-12. Another enjoyable group activity for nice weather days is miniature golf. Adventure Golf features three different 18-hole courses and is located at 5901 South 56th Street. An additional favorite activity among many students is having a picnic. This is both a great way to enjoy the warm weather, as well as spend time with other people. 


Get outdoors:

For students looking to spend time in nature, go on a hike or find a good picnic spot, there’s a variety of great places to spend time outdoors. Pioneers Park, Antelope Park and Platte River State Park are some favorites among LSE students according to a survey of 67 respondents. In addition, lakes such as Holmes Lake and Branched Oak Lake were also high in popularity. Sunken Gardens is another favorite location for people wanting to visit an extremely scenic site, due to its extensive array of flowers, plants and fountains. 


Ice cream:

Ice cream is known as a summertime staple for many people. Getting ice cream from different shops is a great way to try something new. 402 Creamery and Ivanna Cone, two local ice cream shops, were highly recommended by several LSE students. 402 Creamery is located at 7101 Kentwell Lane and 311 N 8th Street and sells ice cream made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. Their menu also includes gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options. Located at 701 P Street in the downtown Haymarket, Ivanna Cone is a uniquely decorated ice cream shop with a retro feel. They sell a wide variety of interesting flavors, all made with quality ingredients right in the shop. 


Live music:

Even if you weren’t able to secure tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, there’s still a plethora of other ways to enjoy live music this summer such as the Maha Music Festival and Jazz in June. Like many other students, attending live music performances is a favorite activity for Brinkmeyer. “I like just being there in the moment,” Brinkmeyer said. Maha Music Festival will take place July 28- 29 at Aksarben Village 2285 S 67th St., Omaha, NE 68106. The festival includes performances from a wide variety of musicians and bands, which are listed on their website, mahafestival.com. Considering general admission for this event is $100, Jazz in June is another great option for those looking for something more budget-friendly. The event is free to attend, but a $10 donation is requested for families attending. Jazz in June is outdoor, live music, which takes place on the grounds of the Sheldon Art Gallery, downtown at 7 p.m. every Tuesday during the month of June. The entire event goes from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and includes vendors and food trucks. Overall, live music is a great way to connect with the community.