Steven Dosskey: An iconic face at LSE


Photo by Steven Dosskey

Jacob Miller, Copy Editor

The common misconception about being “involved” in high school is that the sole purpose is to build up your resume. While this may be true for certain individuals, the people who were truly “involved” in high school were the students who built relationships, harnessed new skills and uplifted the school in new ways. Steven Dosskey is an alumni of Lincoln Southeast High School (LSE), and he is well known among current students. Dosskey is known for his positive energy and involvement in many activities around LSE, fitting into the category of being involved with his high school and with his community.

Finding time to stay active with LSE even after graduation shows the dedication and spirit Dosskey has. After graduating high school in 2011, Dosskey attended the Raikes Program at University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a Computer Science major. 

“Since graduating from UNL in 2015, I’ve hopped around between several software companies in Lincoln,” Dosskey said.

Although he entered the workforce, Dosskey was not finished with his commitment to his high school.

“In a way, I never fully left Southeast,” Dosskey said.

In high school, he was an active member of Lincoln Southeast’s debate team, deciding to return to the program as an assistant coach for Congress.

“As an assistant coach, I help with Congress practice twice a week after school during the season,” Dosskey said. “Additionally, as a judge on the Nebraska Circuit, I’m busy at tournaments most Saturdays during the season.”

Building relationships was something Dosskey excelled at in high school. He had maintained connections with the cross country and soccer programs even after his time at LSE. It was during college that he decided to return to the LSE Boys Soccer program, not as a player but as a coach. Shortly after, he returned to the debate program as an assistant coach.

“I obviously enjoyed these activities as a competitor in high school, and still do in my own life,” Dosskey said. “More importantly, I started to realize that being a coach, mentor and guide is something I truly enjoy dedicating myself to and is very fulfilling for me.”

One of the most precious memories Dosskey had of his high school experience was playing soccer for the LSE Boys Varsity Soccer team. In 2016, Dosskey returned to the program and became the LSE JV boys soccer coach, this year being his sixth year coaching.

While Dosskey grew up with a passion for soccer, he also grew up with a passion for his faith. He has been involved in a Christian organization called Young Life.  through the organization itself and through LSE. Dosskey joined Young Life his sophomore year of high school and has been helping on and off with the program. The mission of Young Life is to introduce adolescents to Jesus and help them grow in their faith. Dosskey grew from his high school self into a guide for today’s high school students. 

“Young Life is a fantastic opportunity to be a mentor, guide, role model and a helping hand for groups of high schoolers years at a time,” Dosskey said.

To Dosskey, being involved was one of the greatest decisions he’s ever made. He often helps around his community and has even done some public speaking through Ignite [Speaking Event]. As a Lincoln Southeast Alumni, he has carved his own path to making connections and making a difference, but he has also helped carve a similar path for past and present LSE students who are as involved as he was.