Homecoming Clothing Drive aims to provide formal-wear for any LSE student who needs it


Lauren Martinez, Staff Writer

This year, LSE Student Council (STUCO) hosted a Homecoming Clothing Drive from Aug. 29 – Sept 2. where students and staff could donate gently used dresses, suits, or other formal wear. The clothes were then cleaned, organized, and set up after school for students to browse and select items they may need for the dance.

Along with the clothes, students could also buy shoes, accessories, and anything else they could need for Homecoming.

Homecoming can be expensive. Dresses and formal wear could set a student back $50 to $100. If you go out to dinner before, plan on spending around $20-$50. And don’t forget the ticket. This year, they are $10. These prices can really add up in the end.

The Vice President of STUCO, Katarina (Maya) Ward, helped orchestrate the donation drive and organize the clothes for students. Her hope is that the Clothing Drive shows students “we understand, we see you guys and everyone deserves to have something to wear if you want to go to homecoming.”

You’re gonna go to homecoming and you’re gonna wear something awesome and you’re gonna look amazing and I just want to make sure that’s there.”

Ward also wants students to know the shopping days are  “a safe space and nobody is judging you; they’re there to help you.” And if you don’t feel comfortable shopping when other people are there, there’s a google form you can fill out in your (graduation year) google class. 

If you’re interested in donating or using these “shopping days”, Sept. 20 is the last shopping day and you can use it as an opportunity to get something. If you can’t make it, STUCO is planning on doing another drive for Prom later in the year so you can donate or shop!