Borderline: Welcome to the Edge of the Unknown


Cover created by: Fatima Al-Jayashi, Zainib Al-Jayashi, and Erin Geschwender



After experiencing some of the most heart-wrenching and thought-provoking moments of 2020, we all expected to start 2021 off with a blast. The COVID-19 vaccine has gradually started to make its way across the nation and reach more people, and as a society we have been making progress to unite and fight for a common goal. Just one word can be used to describe our feelings regarding the new year: optimism. 

Nevertheless, we were soon met with a harsh reality. Right after 2021 began, our country was divided once again, and the gap between where we’re at and what our aim is became noticeably large. We came a long way with fighting for human rights and equality, yet hate and discrimination are still largely prevalent. We were able to make the vaccine more accessible, yet cases are still exceptionally high. We’re currently on the edge of the unknown, with no way of knowing what will happen next.

See, there is a border between reality and our expectations. The challenge is whether or not we can cross it. As the Clarion’s Editor-in-Chief, I want to explore that border with you and re-examine the status quo. We will critique the present without hesitation and scrutinize the future with anticipation. For our Spring issue, you will encounter a myriad of borders that have gained prominence this year. From the harmful impacts of toxic relationships to comparing the expectations and reality of college life and adulthood, these stories feature our school’s opinions and emphasize the importance of perspective. By bringing light to issues that have seemingly been resolved by our society, we hope to show you that the fight isn’t really over – it’s just begun. 

At the end of the day, 2021 is not just a year for new beginnings but also a time to tie up loose ends. The finish line is close. Let’s cross the border together. 

– Jen Quach, Editor-in-Chief



The new year usually brings the population new experiences, issues, and welcomings. Although change is sometimes a good thing, how is society supposed to adjust to moving on from the damage the year of 2020 left? Many of us feel as if we’re on the edge of moving on but afraid of the unknown. The Design Team wanted to create a representation of the uneasy, on-edge feeling many people experienced the day the clock struck 12 a.m, which welcomed the new year. 

For our cover, we decided on a desert-setting, symbolic of all the obstacles and hardships that were faced. Deserts are often pictured as an empty-barren place that seems as if it could go on forever the moment we are placed in one. We want to escape the desert of 2020, but many are unsure how and if they want to because of the unknown. 

The car represents the journey of moving in the new year of 2021. Though the future is unforeseeable, society has to move on one way or another. The road sign indicates the crossing of new lines or borderlines. Society has been trying to move on even before January, but not at full capacity. Many are still doubtful of being in the mindset of, “New year, new opportunities.” The sunset represents the hopefulness that needs to be held within all of us. It’s good to remember that every day is a new day that may bring something better. The sun will always rise in the morning, and we will have to try again until we don’t feel stuck on the borderline. The sun never disappears and neither should our hopefulness. 

The Design Team – Fatima A, Erin G, and Zainib A