Humans of LSE: Karly Codr

Jen Quach, Editor in Chief

Southeast has always been known for its excellent sports programs, ranging from Swimming to Football. However, Southeast has another hidden power that’s been its pride since it opened. It’s the triumphant Fine Arts program, which sophomore Karly Codr has been a part of since 5th grade.

“I’m a pretty musical person, so I started playing piano. When the opportunity came to me to be able to play an instrument in Band, I wanted to be in Band so I ended up playing trombone,” Codr said.

This passion of hers started when she was quite young, as she is surrounded by musical individuals in her own home.

“My dad was a Music major. He also majored in Art, and my mom played clarinet, my sister plays clarinet and she’s currently learning tenor sax. My brother plays trombone too, so I live in a musical family.”

Codr also considers herself to be a creative person, and likes to use that skill during her free time as well. “I do Band, Choir and I draw all the time.”

Because of her hobbies and her creativity, Codr’s personal goal is to become a teacher and share her enthusiasm for the arts with students. With her optimistic and bubbly personality, as well as a strong passion for what she loves, she is sure to bring joy to her future classroom.