Peanut butter and self-confidence: Two of many things Caterina Caserta hopes to bring home to Italy

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Peanut butter and self-confidence: Two of many things Caterina Caserta hopes to bring home to Italy

Chloe Heller, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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After nearly an entire school year spent in the United States, it is about time for LSE’s foreign exchange students to return home. Like many, Caterina Caserta (11), who is from Italy, is unsure of how to feel about this transition.

“They told me this feeling is called ‘bittersweet.’ You’re sad to leave everything because you’ve built a new life here so it’s hard to leave it behind. You closed your old life to start a new one, but now you have to go back to your old routine and your old life. It’s sad to leave it, but I’m happy to go back and see my family and tell them all about my year,” Caserta said.

Throughout her time here in Lincoln, Caserta has learned countless things – not just about America, but also about life in general.

“One of my favorite things is the mentality that is a part of the American culture which is always seeing the positive side of things. It really made me learn how to appreciate the good things,” Caserta said. “Another thing that I’ve learned here is how to follow my dreams and work hard to realize them, because there are a lot of people who support me here. I love the school here and the support the teachers give you and the relationship with the teachers.”

There are many lessons that she is thankful to be able to take back home and experiences that she has seen herself grow through during her time in America.

“I learned that I am stronger than I think, and sometimes you just need someone to tell you to believe in yourself,” Caserta said.

Although this may seem cliché for someone who just spent a year away from their family, not all the things Caserta wishes she could bring home with her are what she expected; she is now emotionally attached to “basically everything that has peanut butter.”

“I’m really thankful for everybody that has been part of my year,” Caserta said. “Everyone made me into the person I am today and the person I am going to be back in Italy.”