Opinion: Top 4 donut shops in Lincoln that are worth a visit


Photo Credit: VisitNebraska.com

Araya Schroder, Photography Editor

In 1847, Hanson Gregory created a sweet treat that is now a staple in coffee shops and bakeries. The donut delights bakers and consumers alike, especially in Lincoln. Lincoln has many donut shops, but which ones are worth the visit? 

Krispy Kreme: This is a national chain but there is only one shop located in LIncoln on 70th and 0 Street. Their donuts are light, thin, but fluffy, with a glaze that’s flaky, and melts in your mouth every bite. 

Hurts Donuts:  The one and only shop is located in the Grand Manse building in downtown Lincoln. All love for the cute ways each unique donut is decorated and given clever names. However they are quite pricey for how dry the actual donut is. 

LaMars:  This national chain has two locations in Lincoln.  Their donuts are a pretty good size, and not so expensive, you regret your purchase later. They are fluffy and fulfill the craving of a sweet treat, like a donut. LaMars has been a part of our community for quite some time. So many memories made at this donut shop. 

Walmart: Did you know this superstore has remarkably delicious donuts? Similar to LaMars, the donut is sized well, fluffy, very soft, and just about a dollar each. What a score!

Personally I’d say Krispy Kreme or Walmart’s donuts are fighting for first place on my list. Their donuts are everything you would want them to be: soft, with a flaky glaze, and reasonably priced. Second would have to go to LaMars. Their donuts can be a hit or miss, but when you hit the right batch, it’s like winning a jackpot. Hurts Donuts placed last. Their store has a nice vibe to it and they are very creative with their products, however sad to say, the donuts are dry.