Tapping into the spirit of giving


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Molly Leyden, Online Editor

In religions and cultures across the world, the holiday season is about community and celebration. However, many people do not have the resources or support that others do. To help those in need this season, organizations in Lincoln give opportunities for people to give back during the holiday season. 

Some well-known organizations that give back during the holidays are Matt Talbot, People’s City Mission and the Food Bank. These organizations’ largest events are those that distribute meals to those in need, which can involve many volunteers and give opportunities to those in need.

There are students at LSE who volunteer during this time. Some of the places students volunteer are the Salvation Army, Hearing Improvement Kids Endowment Fund, The Gathering Place, Mourning Hope and local libraries. All of these organizations are good places to show support, and have numerous purposes ranging from helping children mourning the loss of parents and providing hearing devices to children who need them, to helping those struggling with hunger and homelessness.

Those who volunteer can also find that volunteering has an impact on their lives and those who participate alongside them. Volunteering is an experience that can bring positivity to those involved.

“I think it’s a really good way to experience things and see different parts of your community. And just being able to help find something that is important to you. That you can connect with other people on.” said LSE senior Rubie Demma. Demma has spent time volunteering at the Gathering Place, Mourning Hope and Woods Tennis. Volunteering has been a family event for her and something that she encourages others to do.

Volunteering has an individual impact for those providing outreach.

“Simply by helping someone get the help they need brightens my day a little bit,” LSE senior Ava Brackett said.  Brackett has volunteered at local food banks and finds that volunteering has a positive impact on herself and the community. The impact that volunteering has on others is what drives Brackett and many others to volunteer especially during the holiday season.

Volunteering for outreach organizations is important to many people during the holidays, both those volunteering and those receiving the services and goods through volunteer organizations. Local soup kitchens, food banks and homeless shelters are good places to volunteer for this holiday season.

Matt Talbot and the People’s City Mission have a signup list to volunteer on their website as do many other organizations. It is important to be involved, give back this season and keep the holiday spirit alive.